Thursday, October 24, 2019

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Judge Michael H. Evans  


8:45 am

State of WA (Laurine) vs. Robert Munger (Curtis)

17-1-00817-08 Cont. 3 ½ Day Jury Trial (Bailiffs: Rick )

Courtroom #1


Judge Stephen M. Warning  


8:45 am

State of WA (Bentson) vs. Dustin Griffin (Baldwin)

18-1-01424-08 Cont. 2 Week Jury Trial (Bailiffs:Christie)

Courtroom #3


Judge Patricia M. Fassett  


8:30 am

Criminal Trial Readiness

Jail Courtroom

9:00 am

Criminal Docket

Jail Courtroom

11:00 am

Criminal First Appearances

Jail Courtroom

1:30 pm

Criminal Motions (With Witnesses)

Jail Courtroom


Commissioner Jeffery Keddie


2:00 pm

Protection Order Hearings / Ex Parte Docket

Courtroom #7

3:00 pm

Dan & Donna Britten vs. Barbara Allen

16-2-00335-5 Unlawful Detainer

Courtroom #7


Commissioner Tierra Busby


9:30 am

Pro Se Dissolution / Domestic Relations Docket

Courtroom #2


Commissioner Andra Blondin


1:00 pm

At Risk Youth & Conflict Cases

Juvenile Dept.

1:45 pm

Detention Hearings

Juvenile Dept.

2:00 pm

Truancy / Interpreters

Juvenile Dept.

3:00 pm

Truancy / Non-Attorney

Juvenile Dept.


Commissioner Dave Nelson


8:00 am

Mental Hearings (3)

Hospital Courtroom