S.A.F.E. Court


What is SAFE Court?

Safe Addictions Free Environment

The mission of the Cowlitz County Juvenile Drug Court, also known as SAFE Court, is to reduce delinquency, increase offender accountability and rehabilitate juvenile offenders with substance abuse, chemical dependency and/or co-occurring issues through a comprehensive, coordinated community-based juvenile probation system that ideally involves the entire family dynamic.

The primary goal of SAFE Court is to help strengthen individual and families while protecting the public by identifying youth with substance use or co-occurring issues and helping them connect with appropriate services. SAFE Court operates under a holistic approach in which the SAFE Court team collaborates with the youth, family, and community in order to support the youth in developing skills needed for current and future challenges. This is accomplished through empowering the youth and family with resources, treatment plans, life skills, and knowledge. By the time participant’s graduate, they should be able to identify the characteristics of their substance use and/or addiction, if co-occurring they should also be able to identify the characteristics of their illness, identify indicators and triggers, and utilize the skills afforded them through the program, to work through future challenges.

Program Requirements:

  • Abstain from using drugs and/or alcohol
  • Attend SAFE Court Wednesdays(bi-weekly)
  • Attend drug and alcohol treatment groups each week
  • Attend all individual counseling sessions (treatment, mental health, PO, etc.)
  • Attend community support meetings weekly
  • Attend an educational program or have full time employment
  • Pay all restitution prior to program completion
  • Stay current or in compliance with all laws and rules of probation
  • Report all police contact to probation

SAFE Court Team:

Jade Cassio SAFE Court Case Aide 360-577-3100 x 6408 cassioj@cowlitzwa.gov 
Chris Reinertson Juvenile Department Probation Counselor 360-577-3100 x 8215 reinerstonc@cowlitzwa.gov 
Necole Michael Office of Public Defense Attorney 360-578-7430 michaeln@cowlitzwa.gov 
Russel. Luttman Cowlitz County Prosecutor 360-577-3080 luttmanr@cowlitzwa.gov 
John London  Mental Health Therapist 360-577-3100 x 8206 londonj@cowlitzwa.gov
Adam Pithan Therapeutic Courts Manager 360-414-5508 pithana@cowlitzwa.gov
Kim Mitchell Education Advocate 360-577-3100 x 8281 kim.mitchell@esd112.org 
Court Clerk 360-577-3016 JuvClerk@cowlitzwa.gov
Amie Jo Brassfield Cowlitz Tribal Treatment 360-575-3316 abrassfield@cowlitz.org 
Matt McCoy CORe Health  360-998-8141 matthewm@choblv.org 
Ashley Bowers Substance Abuse Counselors ashleyb@choblv.org 
Kaytie Richards Educational Advocate Truancy  kaytie.richards@esd112.org

Color Line: SAFE Court youth will be assigned a color at the time of their entry into treatment. They are required to call the color line every day between 6:00AM and 9:00AM. If their color is listed, they must provide at UA to their treatment provider. COLOR LINE 360-414-5508

SAFE Court Forms

If you have questions about SAFE Court, contact the Probation Counselor or program Case Aide listed above.




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