Individualized Treatment Court

The mission of the Individualized Treatment Court (ITC) is to reduce offending behaviors, increase offender accountability and rehabilitate juvenile offenders with mental health issues through a comprehensive, coordinated community-based juvenile probation system that ideally involves the entire family.

The goal for ITC is to help strengthen individuals and families while protecting the public by identifying youth with mental health issues and getting them connected with the appropriate services.  The goal is to reduce recidivism by addressing mental health issues in a multidisciplinary team approach and assist those individuals and families dealing with mental health issues by empowering them with resources, treatment plans and knowledge.  By the time participants graduate, they should be able to identify the characteristics of their illness, identify the indicators and triggers of their illness, understand the triggers of their offense behaviors, and utilize the skills afforded them through this program, to work through their mental health challenges.

Objectives of ITC:

  • To have an integrated treatment and service approach in processing cases by utilizing a psychiatric evaluation, a mental health evaluation, and a substance abuse screening.
  • To use a non-adversarial approach with participants by including the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and Defense Attorney, which will ensure due process rights and protection for the respondent.
  • To have a program team who will strive for early identification of program participants who may be eligible.
  • Within two business weeks of entry in the program, to have a developed treatment plan for appropriate mental health treatment, with services beginning before that two week window expires.
  • To have participants attend ITC bi-weekly, depending on their phase in the program.
  • To provide opportunities for participants who are at risk of displacement to remain in the community by using intensive mental health treatment and service.
  • To have an ITC Team that will continue to participate in interdisciplinary training and continue to educate and promote an effective program and services.
  • To have ITC staff that will work closely with mental health treatment providers, the local school districts, and any other community programs to provide appropriate services and referrals to participants and their families.


Please see the ITC Handbook for more detailed information.


 ITC Court Team

Marilyn Haan

Superior Court Judge


Court Clerk


Chris Reinertson


360-577-3100 x 8215

Adam Pithan

Program Coordinator

360-414-5508 x 6401

Jade Cassio

Case Manager

360-577-3100 x 6408

Simmie Baer

Defense Attorney


Meghan Dunlap

Deputy Prosecutor


Kelsey Delgrange

Tribal Treatment Counselor


Jon London

Juvenile Clinician

360-577-3100 x 8105

Rachael Wallace

Columbia Wellness Treatment


Matt McCoy

CORE Health



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