Superior Court Office Access Policy Change


To:Litigants and Attorneys

From:Superior Court Judges of Cowlitz County

Re:Superior Court Offices – Access

Effective Monday, August 20, 2018, access to the Hall of Justice offices of the judges and judicial assistants (back hallway and jury rooms) will be by appointment or permission only.

The door codes of attorneys (public and private), legal assistants, and other non-Superior Court employees that previously allowed unfettered access to judicial offices will be deactivated.The practice of attorneys meeting in jury rooms and attorneys gathering in the Superior Court employee break room and the back hallway will no longer be permitted.

This change is based on multiple factors, including, not limited to, (1) promotion of appearance of fairness for all parties, including self-represented litigants who have no access to the back hallway, (2) security and safety concerns, and (3) respect for the workplace, time, and privacy of judicial assistants and judges.

Access to judges and judicial assistants can be arranged by contacting judicial assistants (see for contact information) via phone or email.Bench copies can be deposited in the Clerk's office. 

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