SAFE Court Memorial Day Event

 SAFE (Safe Addictions Free Environment) court events are used to bring together the SAFE Court team and SAFE Court youth by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities help all to see each other in a different light and allows the youth to connect in a different setting other than the court room. These events also give SAFE court youth the opportunity to experience and learn about healthy, clean, and positive activities.Additionally, it is important for youth to serve others and give back to the community in an effort to restore the harm that has been caused by their illegal conduct.The SAFE court events also encourage communication between the SAFE Court youth and SAFE Court team members, which consist of The Judge, Prosecuting and Defense Attorneys, Probation Officer, SAFE Court Case Aide and Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Counselors.

On Saturday May 25, 2019 the SAFE court team alongside 3 SAFE court youth, participated in placing flags on the graves of our veterans in honor of Memorial Day at the Longview Memorial Cemetery. For our youth, it is important to not only give back to the community. But to all involved it was a reminder of the sacrifice our veterans made for our country.

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