Motions for Revision

 To: CWBA, Civil Group and Domestic Group

Fr: Judge Gary Bashor, Presiding

Dt: October 12, 2022

Re: Motions for Revisions

There has been some confusion on how Motions for Revisions are handled by the Court. RCW 2.24.050 (see below) controls the required timing of filing a motion for revision. These matters are heard on the record of the case, so there is no argument. The original motion and reply documents shall be filed with the Superior Court Clerk's Office, a copy served on the opposing party/ies and a bench copy delivered to Superior Court Administration. Court Administration shall than assign consideration of the motion to a judicial officer. Once the decision is made by the judicial officer, then a copy of the decision shall be emailed to the parties and judicial officers, by Court Administration, and the original filed with the Clerk's Office.

RCW 2.24.050

Revision by court.

All of the acts and proceedings of court commissioners hereunder shall be subject to revision by the superior court. Any party in interest may have such revision upon demand made by written motion, filed with the clerk of the superior court, within ten days after the entry of any order or judgment of the court commissioner. Such revision shall be upon the records of the case, and the findings of fact and conclusions of law entered by the court commissioner, and unless a demand for revision is made within ten days from the entry of the order or judgment of the court commissioner, the orders and judgments shall be and become the orders and judgments of the superior court, and appellate review thereof may be sought in the same fashion as review of like orders and judgments entered by the judge.

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