In-Person Plea Dockets

5 July 2022

As the Court moves more hearings back to having in-person options, we will be updating our policies accordingly.

For the criminal in-person plea dockets, which are currently set on Wednesdays, the assumption is they will be in-person.

We also will be handling some pleas for in-custody matters from the jail, via Zoom.

Although these dockets are primarily for in-person matters, we will handle other pleas and sentencings virtually so long as counsel circulate the necessary paperwork – which includes signed plea forms; and Judgment and Sentence forms; originals provided to the Court.

For in-custody felony matters, the jail needs the last few pages of the J&S for required fingerprints.

We can handle misdemeanor-only, in or out of custody, pleas and sentencings virtually so long as all necessary paperwork is circulated in advance. (fingerprints not needed.)

If you have questions related to scheduling a particular case, please forward the details to court administration and we will advise.

Judge Gary Bashor


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