Sometime Thursday (7/15) afternoon, the Court lost access to our electronic court files due to a Statewide Network problem.

Today we learned that the lines are in the process of being repaired, however we do not at this time have an ETA for operability. We will ONLY be conducting criminal and juvenile first appearances, involuntary treatment hearings, and our emergency ex parte dockets today. If you have a matter on any another docket today, please log in and the judicial officer will give you instructions on when to re-appear.

We are hopeful things can be restored to full operability prior to Monday, however there is a good chance if you have a case in a Monday docket which requires significant preparation by the judicial officer, it will likely be stricken or continued. If you have a case on Judge Haan's Monday 7/19 Domestic Docket, she will be sending out more specific instructions.

We apologize for the inconvenience however these are events beyond our control. As soon as we have more information, we will send out further updates.