Motions for Revision

 To: CWBA, Civil Group and Domestic Group Fr: Judge Gary Bashor, Presiding Dt: October 12, 2022 Re: Motions for Revisions There has been some confusion on how Motions for Revisions are handled by the Court. RCW 2.24.050 (see below) controls the required timing of filing a motion for revision. These matters are heard on the record of the case, ...
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2022 Fall Judicial Conference Memo

Date: August 4, 2022 To: Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Bar Association; Cowlitz County Clerk's Office; Juvenile Department; Corrections Department; and Drug Court From: Superior Court Judges Re: Fall Judicial Conference, September 19th – September 20th Fall Judicial Conference is scheduled for Monday, September 19th and Tuesday September 20...
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Handling of Civil/Domestic Orders

To: CWBA; Family Law Email Lists; Civil Law Email Lists Fr: Judge Marilyn K. Haan Dt: July 5, 2022 Re: Handling of Civil/Domestic Orders There seems to be confusion about the processing and handling of Civil/Domestic orders, be it "proposed" or "originals" being submitted to the court, as well as the process necessary for presentation of orders in ...
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In-Person Plea Dockets

5 July 2022 As the Court moves more hearings back to having in-person options, we will be updating our policies accordingly. For the criminal in-person plea dockets, which are currently set on Wednesdays, the assumption is they will be in-person. We also will be handling some pleas for in-custody matters from the jail, via Zoom. Although these dock...
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WA State Guardianship Law Free Seminar and MCLE

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JUVENILE - IN PERSON COURT HEARINGS (EFFECTIVE APRIL 11, 2022, AMMENDED May 13, 2022) Court News Daily Schedule Juvenile Court News From the Bench Michelle Honey Tuesday, 29 March 2022 228 Hits To: Juvenile Court Participants From: Evans, Michael Date: March 29, 2022 Re: In Person Court Hearings (effective April 11, 2022) (AMENDED) The recent ...
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