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Mediation & Mandatory Settlement Conferences (MSC)

As of January 19, 2010 settlement conferences are required in all dissolution matters and are optional for all other domestic relations cases, as set forth in Local Superior Court Rule 91. The court provides either a Judge or Judge pro tem to hear settlement conferences.

Rule 91 may also be complied with by using an approved private mediation service, at the parties own expense. Approved mediation services are listed below.

Settlement conference instructions are available for download at: Settlement Conference Instructions.

All of the forms noted in Rule 91 to comply with the Rule are available at: MEDIATION FORMS.

Approved mediators are also permitted to certify a dissolution case to be finalized by affidavit pursuant to local rule 92(e).

The Court does not promote any specific mediator or mediation service.

Current Listed Mediators
Community Mediation Center 360.623.8061 officeccrc@gmail.com

The Superior Court Bench recognizes the benefit to the public and to the court system of alternative dispute resolution and may be able to provide rooms to approved mediators to conduct settlement conferences in domestic relations cases at the Hall of Justice. If you are interested in becoming a mediator for the Superior Court, please forward a letter of interest and your qualifications to the Court for consideration.



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