LMAR 3.1 - Qualifications



    (a)  Minimum Qualifications. An arbitrator must be a member of the Washington State Bar Association who has been admitted to the Bar for a minimum of five (5) years, or who is a retired Washington State Judge or Commissioner and will conform to the Superior Court Policy and Procedures for Superior Court Civil Arbitration. By stipulation, the parties to a case may agree to an arbitrator not on the Cowlitz County arbitration panel if the arbitrator so chosen is a duly qualified member of an arbitration panel established under Local Superior Court Civil Arbitration Rules of another county in the State of Washington. The parties may stipulate to a non-lawyer arbitrator upon approval of a judge.

    (b)  Application. A person desiring to serve as an arbitrator shall complete an application on a form prescribed by the Court.  The form shall contain a list of areas of law subject to arbitration whereby the applicant marks the area they are willing to be considered as an arbitrator.  A copy of said application will be available upon request by any party considering the person as an arbitrator and will be mailed to a requesting party at the party's own expense.  The oath of office on the form prescribed by the Court must be completed and filed prior to an appointed applicant being placed on the arbitration panel.

    (c)  Refusal, Disqualification. The appointment of an arbitrator is subject to the right of that person to refuse to serve.  An arbitrator must notify the Superior Court Administration immediately if refusing to serve or if any cause exists for the arbitrator's disqualification from the case upon any of the grounds of interest, relationship, bias or prejudice set forth in CJC Cannon (3) governing the disqualification of judges.

[Effective September 1, 2011; amended September 1, 2012; amended September 1, 2015; amended September 1, 2019; amended September 1, 2020]

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