CCLAR 11 - Interpreters

  (a)  A written request must be made to the Interpreter Coordinator at least two weeks in advance if an interpreter is needed for a Superior Court hearing or trial. Requests can be emailed to the Interpreter Coordinator at Court Administration.  (See Local Administrative Court Rule 10 for ex parte emailing rules and/or Superior Court's website at for additional information). More advanced notice should be given for specialized and/or high demand languages, longer hearings or if multiple interpreters are needed. If these timelines are not followed, an interpreter may not be available for a hearing and may require the matter be continued to allow for the presence of an interpreter.

  (b)  The request for an interpreter should include the following information:

  • (i) Date, time, estimated length and type of hearing.
  • (ii) Language or other type of interpreter needed (for specialized/indigenous languages please indicate the city and/or region where the limited English proficiency person is from).

  (c) Immediately notify the Interpreter Coordinator if a hearing is continued or set over. Failure to do so at least two days before the hearing may result in the party being charged for the cost of the interpreter if the interpreter cannot be cancelled without a fee.

  (d) A confirmation of the request for the interpreter will be sent to the requesting party by the Interpreter Coordinator within five days of receiving the request. If the requesting party has not received confirmation of the request for an interpreter, then the requesting party should immediately contact the Interpreter Coordinator to verify the request has been received and the necessary interpreter is available for the scheduled hearing.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2012; amended January 1, 2013; amended September 1, 2013; amended September 1, 2015; amended September 1, 2019; amended September 1, 2020]

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