LMAR 8.6 - Administration

Posted in Local Rules 9.2020



   (a)  Generally.  The Court Administrator, under the Superior Court Judges, shall supervise arbitration under these rules and perform any additional duties which may be delegated by the judges.

   (b)  Administrative Committee.  There shall be an Administrative Committee composed of two (2) judges chosen by the Presiding Judge and three members of the Washington State Bar Association with two (2) chosen by the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Bar Association and one (1) chosen by the Presiding Judge.  The members of the Committee shall serve for staggered three-year terms and may be re-appointed.

   (c)  Powers and Duties.  The Administrative Committee shall have the power and duty to:

  1. Select its chairperson and provide for its procedures;
  2. Make recommendations to the Presiding Judge for removal of a person from a panel of arbitrators. Such recommendation for removal must be in writing and state the basis for the request;
  3. Review the administration and operation of the arbitration program periodically and make recommendations as it deems appropriate to improve the program.

[Effective September 1, 2011; amended September 1, 2019; amended September 1, 2020]