CCLCR 88 - Contested Hearings

Posted in Local Rules 9.2020

The following rules shall apply to all contested hearings in domestic relations matters.

  (a)  Discretion of the Court. Domestic Relations matters shall be heard on declarations submitted in accordance with this rule. Oral arguments will only be heard with prior approval of the appropriate judicial officer.

  (b) Filing and Service of Motions, Responses, Replies, and Declarations. Such matters shall not be heard unless declarations are served and filed as required by this rule and CR 6(a).

  (c)  Length and Format of Declarations. The following limits shall apply, unless waived by the Court upon written motion, which may be heard on the Ex Parte Docket with reasonable prior notice to the opposing party or their attorney.

  (d)  Preparation and Presentation of Orders.

[Amended September 1, 2005; emergency amendment March 1, 2006; amended September 1, 2007; amended September 1, 2012; emergency amendment June 6, 2013; amended September 1, 2014; amended September 1, 2015; amended September 1, 2016; emergency amendment January 1, 2018; amended September 1, 2019; emergency amendment May 18, 2020]