CCLCR 10 - Form of Pleadings and Other Papers

Posted in Local Rules 9.2020

   (a)  Caption.

    (4)  Bench Copies of Pleadings.

(i)   All courtesy copies of a pleading provided to the Court shall have the date and time of the pending hearing on the upper right corner of the first page of the pleading.

(ii)  A courtesy PDF copy of a pleading may be emailed to a judge in accordance with CCLAR 10, but a hard copy should also be provided for the judge.

  (e)  Bottom Notation. 

(3)  All attorney and/or pro se party's signature lines shall also include their email addresses, if available.

   (f)  Date of Documents.  All documents presented to a judge for signature shall provide for a date on which the document is signed immediately above the judge's signature.

   (g)  Pleadings to be Dated.  All pleadings, motions and other papers to be filed with the Clerk shall be dated by the lawyer, party or individual preparing the same.

    (h) Unsuitable Materials Filed as Pleadings or Documents.  The format requirements of GR 14 shall apply to all filings. The Clerk has the authority to reject items presented for filing that do not comply with CR 5 (e) and GR 14 (e.g. digital/audio media, thumb drives, and similar devices containing recorded information).  Parties may convert digital/audio and similar media to document form and may file documents in compliance with GR 14.  Copies of reported cases, statutes or texts shall not be filed but may be furnished directly to the judge hearing the matter, and to all other parties. Copies of interrogatories and similar items shall not be filed absent a motion directly related to those items (e.g. Motion to Compel). 

  (i) Sealed Pleadings.  In all cases subject to GR 31, any request to seal a pleading or document shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee.  The fee schedule is available from the County Clerk or online at If payment is in the form of a check it should be made to Cowlitz County Clerk. 

[Amended effective September 1, 1995; amended September 1, 2002; amended September 1, 2005; amended September 1, 2009; amended September 1, 2010; amended September 1, 2012; amended September 1, 2014; amended September 1, 2015; amended September 1, 2016; amended September 1, 2019; amended September 1, 2020]