CCLAR 12 - ExParte Docket

Posted in Local Rules 9.2020

(1)  Ex parte matters, including ex parte protection order hearings, can be heard on the Ex Parte Docket. For a schedule of dates and times of Ex Parte Dockets, please visit our website at The judicial officer will remain on the bench for no less than 15 minutes from the start of the Ex Parte Docket.

     (2)  If the ex parte matter being presented requires notice to the opposing side and the opposing side appears at the Ex Parte Docket, the opposing side may be given time to file a responsive pleading. The responding party must provide a copy of any filed response to the judicial officer assigned to the Ex Parte Docket.

     (3)  All other ex parte matters, not reviewed in accordance with the above stated process, can be mailed or hand delivered to the Cowlitz County Clerk’s Office.  The Clerk’s Office shall then deliver the document(s) to Superior Court Administration for review and consideration by a judicial officer. The Superior Court Clerk’s Office may charge a fee for processing ex parte orders.

[Effective September 1, 2016; amended September 1, 2017; emergency amendment January 1, 2018; amended September 1, 2019]