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Superior Court Local Rules 2023-24

Below you will find the various local rules in force for Cowlitz County Superior Court. These rules supplement the State Court Superior Court Rules and govern local practice. You can also find these rules  HERE   as well as the full state court rules at  HERE 

General Cowlitz County Superior Court Local Rules

CCLGR 17 Electronic Transmission
CCLGR 22 Access to Family Court Records (Rescinded)

Administrative Local Rules

CCLAR 1 Departments of Superior Court
CCLAR 8 Court Organization and Management
CCLAR 10 Email Communication
CCLAR 11 Interpreters
CCLAR 12 Exparte Docket

Civil Local Rules

CCLCR 4.1 Automatic Temporary Order(REPEALED)
CCLCR 10 Form of Pleadings and Other Papers
CCLCR 11 Signing and Drafting of Pleadings, Motions, and Legal Memoranda; Sanctions
CCLCR 16 Pretrial Procedure and Formulating Issues (REPEALED)
CCLCR 40 Assignment of Cases
CCLCR 45 Subpoena
CCLCR 56 Summary Judgment
CCLCR 59 New Trial, Reconsideration, and Amendment of Judgment
CCLCR 77 Superior Court and Judicial Officers
CCLCR 83 Local Rules of Superior Court
CCLCR 87 Remote Hearing Procedures
CCLCR 88 Contested Hearings
CCLCR 91 Mandatory Settlement Conferences in Domestic Relations Actions
CCLCR 92 Finalizing Family Law Cases
CCLCR 93 Mandatory Mediation Rules for Parenting Plans, Child Custody and Visitation
CCLCR 95 Waiver of Age to Marry
CCLCR 98 Guardians Ad Litem
CCLCR 99 Binding Settlement Conferences

Criminal Local Rules

CCLCrR 3.1 Right to and Assignment of Lawyer
CCLCrR 3.9 Hearings Under CrR 3.6 and CrR 8.3(c)
CCLCrR 4.2 Pleas
CCLCrR 4.11 Miscellaneous


CCLGALR 3 Establishment of CCCA Local Rules
CCLGALR 7 Guardian Ad Litem Disciplinary Procedure for CCCA Staff/Volunteers
CCLGALR 8 Guardian Ad Litem Disciplinary Procedures

Civil Arbitration Local Rules

CCLCAR 1.1 Application of Rules - Purpose and Definitions
CCLCAR 1.2 Matters Subject to Arbitration
CCLCAR 2.1 Transfer to Arbitration
CCLCAR 2.3 Assignment to Arbitrator
CCLCAR 3.1 Qualifications
CCLCAR 3.2 Authority of Arbitrators
CCLCAR 4.2 Discovery
CCLCAR 5.1 Notice of Hearing - Time and Place - Continuance
CCLCAR 5.2 Pre-Hearing Statement of Proof - Documents Filed With Court
CCLCAR 6.1 Form and Content of Award
CCLCAR 6.2 Filing of Award
CCLCAR 6.3 Judgment on Award
CCLCAR 7.1 Request for Trial De Novo
CCLCAR 8.1 Stipulations - Effect on Relief Granted
CCLCAR 8.4 Title and Citation
CCLCAR 8.5 Compensation of Arbitrator
CCLCAR 8.6 Administration

Local Rules of Appeal of Decisions of Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

CCLRALJ 2.4 How to Initiate an Appeal
CCLRALJ 2.6 Content of Notice of Appeal

Special Proceeding Local Rules

SPR 93.05 Adoption Hearings
SPR 93.06 Finalizing Adoption Cases
SPR 93.07 Assignment of Contested Adoption/Termination Trials 

Juvenile Court DEPENDENCY Local Rules

CCJuLCR 3.12 Timing of Filing Documents in Dependency Proceedings
CCJuLCR 3.13 Electronic/Telephone Appearance in Dependency/Termination Proceedings

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