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i-ACT is a program that is offered for moderate or high risk youth who are probation with Cowlitz County.  i-ACT is designed to work with the youth individually to address criminogenic needs using current researched based best practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

i-ACT consists of 2 Phases., with a total of 24 meetings.  Phase 1 of i-ACT consists of one introductory lesson that includes a parent or connected adult, followed by 16 lessons (six lessons in Social Skills Training, six Lessons in Self-Control Training, four lessons in Problem Analysis) and one transition lesson to Phase 2. Phase 2 focuses on real life application of the skills learned during Phase 1.

Possible Social Skill lessons include topics such as:

To learn more about the program, the i-ACT Brochure is available. 

Matt Harrison

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