BRIDGES is an Evidence based program offered to low risk offenders through the diversion program or probation. BRIDGES is a 12-hour seminar, attended by the youth and a parent or other connected adult.  The seminar consists of multiple interactive sessions presented by community organizations or members.  The presentations provide interactive instruction while helping to educate participants about topics such as conflict resolution, asset building, adolescent development, decision making, and communication.  At the same time, participants learn about resources available in the community and how to access them.

Program Goals

Coordination of Services (COS) has a dual intent.  The first is to intervene with youth (and their families) at an early point in their involvement with the courts to prevent their further penetration of the juvenile justice system.  The second is to provide a framework for cooperation between the agencies working with these youth; to provide a coordinated intervention effort to effectively decrease recidivism by improving youth and family access to appropriate services.

Potential Presentation Topics:

  • Community resources that support pro-social behavior
  • Adolescent development
  • Asset building
  • Decision making
  • Mental self-care
  • Parenting skills
  • Drug/alcohol education
  • Experiential problem solving activities
  • Other local information

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