Ex Parte Signatures

restrainn order

Cowlitz County is NOT currently offering an in-person ex parte docket. 

For obtaining a judge's signature on a document such as default orders, agreed orders (signed off by all parties), and emergency protection orders, documents for signature can be left with the Superior Court Clerk's office located on the second floor just outside of Courtroom 2.

Documents are transmitted to a Superior Court Judge / Commissioner  throughout the day for consideration and action. Then returned to the Clerk's office. Contact the Clerk's Office for any process and applicable changes they may have to provide conformed documents.

Process for obtaining an Emergency Domestic Violence Protection Order

Petitioners should file their petitions and related documents with the Clerk's office who will schedule

them for appearance on the Protection Order Hearing Docket that day or the following court day and petitioners should appear via Zoom. You can find the Zoom information on our webpage at www.cowlitzsuperiorcourt.us/zoom. If your order is signed earlier than the appearance set, you will be notified by the Clerk's office and are not required to appear.

Process for obtaining an Emergency Order per CCLAR 12 is listed below (other than a Domestic Violence Protection Order)

(Emergency, for purposes of this memo, is defined as a situation in which there exists a credible threat of imminent and irreparable harm to person, property, or a legal right.  Service deadlines are not an emergency.)

3. If the ex parte request (definition of ex parte) is for a situation in which the party believes there exists an emergency because of a credible threat of imminent and irreparable harm to person, property, or a legal right, the process shall occur as follows:

  (i) The party shall submit the documents to the Superior Court Clerk’s office, with a coversheet identifying an emergency civil order request.

(ii)  The Superior Court Clerk’s office shall provide the documents to a Judicial Assistant to determine a judicial officer to review the paperwork. 

(iii)  The receiving judicial officer shall review the paperwork to determine if an emergency exists and if an order shall be granted.  If the judicial officer does not determine an emergency exists, then the matter shall be scheduled on a regular docket for further consideration by a judicial officer. 

 (iv)  Once the decision is made by the judicial officer, then a Judicial Assistant shall provide the documents to the Superior Court Clerks for filing.  A Superior Court Clerk shall advise the party of the decision made by the judicial officer.

Copies of documents and orders are available from the Superior Court Clerk for a fee. 

Documents may also be submitted for signature by mail or courier. Send any documents together with any fees needed (contact the Superior Court Clerk for current fee schedule and instructions) to:.
Superior Court Clerk
312 SW First Avenue
Kelso, WA 98626 



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