Policies and Procedure Announcements

General policies and procedures applicable to Superior Court for Cowlitz County.

Title Description Created Date Download
Court Office Access Policy
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, Size: 77.59 KB
Updated Supeiror Court Office Access Policy - Effective August 20, 2018 07-24-2018 Download
Updated Community Service Policy
Downloads: 693
, Size: 203.12 KB
Policy of the Court as to how requests for Community Service as an alternative to jail time in Superior Court Criminal Cases. 04-17-2018 Download
Criminal Bond Rider Policy
Downloads: 685
, Size: 67.54 KB
Official court policy regarding the use of "Rider" bonds in criminal matters. Rider bonds are bonds to cover the period of time after a defendant is found guilty and prior to sentencing. 03-28-2018 Download
E-Signature Memorandum
Downloads: 830
, Size: 307.98 KB
Restatement of the Court's Policy on acceptance of electronic, AKA  "E-Signatures" for court filings. 08-02-2017 Download
Guardian Ad Litem Signature Memo
Downloads: 876
, Size: 51.3 KB
Policy regarding GAL signatures on documents. 11-26-2018 Download
Guardianship Attorney Fee Policy
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, Size: 53.97 KB
New Policy regarding the payment of attorney fees in guardianship cases. Effective March 29, 2016. 11-26-2018 Download
Unlawful Detainer Summons Policy
Downloads: 1651
, Size: 163.74 KB
Updated policy regarding the use of alternate return deadlines in Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Summons Forms. 11-26-2018 Download
Trial Readiness Notices
Downloads: 1511
, Size: 63.81 KB
Trial Readiness Notices to ALL PARTIES including Guardians on Trial Setting Notices 02-10-2016 Download
Interpreter Policy Update
Downloads: 1515
, Size: 99.62 KB
Please read if scheduling an interpreter in Superior Court. 11-26-2018 Download
GR 31.1 Public Records Request Policy
Downloads: 1830
, Size: 33.09 KB
Official policy regarding public records requests to the Court per General Rule 31.1 01-14-2016 Download
LCR 88(d) Enforcement Memo
Downloads: 2487
, Size: 194.22 KB
Cowlitz County Local Civil Rule 88(d) has not been regularly enforced in the past. Starting May 1, 2015, it will. Memo on policy from Judge Evans.   04-23-2015 Download
Emergency Ex Parte Order Procedure (7 Apr 15)
Downloads: 1144
, Size: 81.2 KB
Change in emergency order procedures effective April 7, 2015. 04-08-2015 Download

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