Public Defenders

The Office of Public Defense provides court-appointed lawyers for most indigent criminal defendants in Superior and Juvenile court matters. Their office information is below. The Public Defenders office is not part of Superior Court, and this information is provided merely as a public service.

The public defenders office employees do not take on representation of private clients.

Terry L. Mulligan, Director
Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense
Telephone:  (360) 578-7430

Staff Attorneys:

  • Thad Scudder
  • Richard Suryan
  • Patricia Anderson
  • Edward "Ted" DeBray
  • Patricia VanRollins
  • Ian Maher
  • John Chambers
  • Simmie Baer
  • Elizabeth Halls

In addition, the Office of Public Defense maintains contracts with several private attorneys to provide representation for indigent defendants in Superior Court.

Those attorneys' contact information is listed below. 

Dan Morgan

1555 3rd Avenue
Suite A
Longview WA, 98632-3268

Kevin Blondin

1408 Sixteenth Avenue
P.O. Box 250
Longview, WA 98632

Joshua Baldwin

Civic Center Building, Third Floor
1700 Hudson Street
PO Box 1549
Longview, WA 98632


in any particular case you may be assigned a different lawyer than any of those listed here. If that occurs you will be given the attorney's contact information at your first appearance or when you attend Court.

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