Divisions of Superior Court

Superior Court consists of several inter-related divisions which handle different types of cases, so our site is generally grouped in that fashion.

Juvenile Court

  The Juvenile Court has it's own section on the site, due to its diferent focus and off-site physical location.

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  The Criminal division handles issues related to Adult Criminal matters pending before the Superior Court.

Drug Courts

  The Therapeutic Courts, better known as Drug Court, covers all Superior Court Administered treatment courts, including those handled in Juvenile Court.

Family Law

  The Domestic, or Family Law, division handles any disputes related to family matters such as Dissolution of Marriage, Child Support and the like.

General Civil

  The Civil division handles general civil matters separate from Family Law.

Probate & Guardianship

  The Probate Division handles Estate and Guardianship matters.

Guardian ad Litems

  The Court appoints Guardian ad Litems (GALs) in family law cases where the residential provisions for minor children (custody/visitation) is in dispute.

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