Child Support

Child Support in Washington State is determined using a state child support schedule and a mandated worksheet. The actual amount of child support in a particular case may vary somewhat from the calculations you can obtain from the following links, and the links are provided simply to help litigants understand the process. This page and any links provided should NOT be viewed as a substitute for obtaining legal advice.

Child Support Worksheets

The Court requires child support worksheets which comply with the statutory requirements. There are a number of commercial software programs available to compute and create such worksheets.

The State of Washington DSHS has provided a basic worksheet calculator and forms generator for free which is located at the link below.


Child Support Estimator

If you are simply trying to get a basic idea of what child support may be in your case, you can also use the DSHS child support estimator. Please note that there are many variables which may affect your support obligation, however the estimator can at least give you some idea of what the support may be. You can access the estimator at the link below.


Child Support Self-Support Reserve

Washington uses federal poverty definitions in order to determine what the self-support reserve is for calculating child support. The link to the current reserve amount can be reached at the link below.

self support

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