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Criminal trials will be held at the Cowlitz County Event Center. Everyone entering the building will be screened by a bailiff prior to entry. Jurors will not be allowed to bring bags or purses into the building. Juror parking is in the North Parking lot directly in front of the Event Center. (There will be signs directing jurors where to park)

If you have questions about your jury service, please contact the Superior Court Clerk's Jury Administration Clerk at:
Please check their website for the latest updates.

Summary of Emergency Order - how to appear for court

Criminal Matters (Adult)

  • Out of Custody Hearings
    • Criminal Plea Hearing (Wednesday) – In person
    • Criminal Docket – Zoom
  • In Custody Hearings
    • Criminal Plea Hearing – Zoom
    • Criminal Docket – Zoom
  • Jury Trial
    • Suspended until at least October 4, 2021
  • Criminal Bench Trial
    • In person

Criminal Matters (Juvenile)

  • Docket – Zoom
  • Fact Finding/Trial – In person

Protection Order Hearings

(Domestic Violence, Stalking, Sexual Assault, Harassment)

  • Hearing – Zoom
  • Weapons Surrender Compliance – Zoom

Protection Order Hearings

(Domestic Violence, Stalking, Sexual Assault, Harassment)

  • Hearing – Zoom
  • Weapons Surrender Compliance – Zoom

Therapeutic Courts

  • Adult Drug Court – Zoom
  • Adult Mental Health Court – Zoom
  • Juvenile SAFE Court – Zoom
  • Juvenile Mental Health Court/ITC – Zoom

Family Law

  • Motion Hearing – Zoom
  • Mandatory Settlement Conference – Zoom

State Initiated Paternity and Child Support

  • Paternity Docket – Pleadings Only
  • Child Support Contempt – Zoom
  • Trial for Modification of Child Support – Pleadings Only
  • Trial for Paternity and Initial Child Support – Zoom

Trial Assignment Docket

  • Civil, Family Law, Dependency, Termination – Zoom

Civil Matters

  • Civil Bench Trial – Zoom
  • Guardianship
    • Motion/Docket – Zoom
  • Probate
    • Motion/Docket – Zoom
  • Adoption
    • Hearing – Zoom (with Court approval - In person)
  • Unlawful Detainer
    • Hearing – Zoom
    • Trial – Zoom
  • Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA)/ Mental Health
    • Hearing – Zoom
    • Trial – Zoom

Appeal from Municipal/District Court

  • RALJ Appeal – Pleadings Only (if Court allows oral argument – Zoom)

Dependency and Termination

  • Dependency and Termination Docket – Zoom
  • Fact Finding/Trial for Dependency and Termination – Zoom (with Court approval – In Person)
  • HOPE Court – Zoom

Youth Services

  • CHINS (Child in Need of Services) – Zoom
  • ARY (At Risk Youth) – Zoom
  • Truancy – Zoom

Links to download all of our emergency court orders as well as related Covid-19 Information can be located at:

Cowlitz County Superior Court remains open, and we are committed to continuing essential operations of the Court in ways that are safe, responsible and take into account the COVID infection rates in SW Washington.

Most court hearings currently are conducted via the Zoom video conferencing platorm. You can find more information and log into your hearing at: ZOOM HEARING PAGE

We provide public access to most of our court hearings via YouTube, so the public can observe our courts without placing themselves, participants, or staff in harm's way. Clicking your mouse on the picture below will take you to our courtroom streaming site index.

live court video

Continuing court operations are governed by Emergency Orders issued by our court in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. The various links below will help you understand what services are continuing, and under what conditions and requirements.

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