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Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Courtroom is located at the Cowlitz Youth Center, just a few doors south of the Hall of Justice on the opposite side of the street. There is plenty of free parking in the front of the building.

Security Screening

All visitors to the building will pass through a security screening checkpoint as you enter the Youth Center. Certain items may not be brought into the facility and must be left with security personnel at the checkpoint before you enter. As a general rule no weapons, drugs or alcohol are allowed in the building.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones need to be turned off or put on silent when in the courtroom. If your phone rings in court it may be confiscated for 24 hours. When using a phone in the lobby, please be considerate of the other folks waiting there.


Childcare is not available at the Youth Center. If possible, except for those children who need to attend court or have an appointment in the building, it is best not to bring other children when coming to the Youth Center. When you are attending a court hearing, you may spend a lot of time waiting and there is little for children to do. If you do bring other children with you to Juvenile Court, also bring something for them to do.