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State Mandatory Forms


The State of Washington Administrator for the Courts has created numerous forms for use in Washington Courts. Some of the forms are Mandatory (Family Law and Juvenile Dependency) and many are not. For a full listing of the forms available, click on the link below.


Administrator of the Courts Forms Page link

 Cowlitz County Superior Court Local Forms Below

Juvenile Forms

Juvenile Forms

Various informational pamphlets as well as certain request forms to be used in the Juvenile court.

Title File Type File Size Created Date Download
At Risk Youth Informational Brochure application/pdf 216.48 KB 01-29-2013
Brochure about Gun Rights application/pdf 200.03 KB 02-09-2013
Detention Visitation Information application/pdf 8.38 KB 01-28-2013
Diversion Pamphlet application/pdf 180.09 KB 01-29-2013
Guide to Sealing and Destroying Records application/pdf 148.44 KB 01-29-2013
Juvenile Court Costs & Fees pamphlet application/pdf 209.96 KB 01-29-2013
Juvenile Work Crew Application application/pdf 62.9 KB 01-28-2013
Juvenile Work Crew Medical Information application/pdf 65.72 KB 01-28-2013
Juvenile Work Crew Rules application/pdf 68.17 KB 01-28-2013
Medical Consent Form application/pdf 114.67 KB 01-28-2013
Petition to remove registration requirement application/pdf 74.7 KB 02-09-2013
Petition to restore firearms rights application/pdf 91.4 KB 02-09-2013
Request to Seal Files application/pdf 8.06 KB 02-09-2013
Sealing Juvenile Records Pamplet application/pdf 363.04 KB 02-10-2013
Statute about Emancipation application/pdf 74.67 KB 02-09-2013