Superior Court of Washington

for cowlitz county

2015 Court Schedule

Below is the general court schedule for 2015 Effective January 1, 2015. The horizontal rows are assigned to each of the judicial departments, though a different judge may handle any given docket on a given day.

Note that the schedule changes weekly depending on if it is the First and Third, or second, fourth or fifth week of a given month.

If you have a need for a particular judge to hear a hearing, please call court administration at 360-577-3085 the week before and confirm the judicial officer.

You can download a copy of the schedules in PDF Format at these links:


Download 2015 Court Schedule - First and Third Week

Click anywhere on the calendar below for a full size-calendar.


Download 2015 Court Schedule - Second, Fourth and Fifth Weeks


Click anywhere on the calendar below for a full-size calendar.



The file above can be difficult to read on smaller screens. You can also download a copy of the Adobe PDF copy for your use.

The link to that file is in the grreen bar directly above the graphic.