Superior Court of Washington

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Appeals in Superior Court

This purpose of this page is not to provide legal advice about filing an appeal or revision, but rather to point to the resources which you may find of use if you decide to file either an appeal or a motion for revision. If you have questions about how to file an appeal, or whether you should file an appeal, you should contact an attorney familiar with that area of the law.

Appeals in Superior Court are generally governed by the statewide Rules of Appeal.

Appeals from a Commissioner's decision which is reviewable by a Superior  Court Judge is called a Revision. Revision rules can be found at RCW 2.24.050.

Appeals from a Superior Court Judge's decision must be filed within 30 days of entry of the final judgment.

Revisions from a Supeior Court Commissioner's decision must be filed within 10 days of entry of the final judgment. An ruling on a motion for revision may also be appealed using the regular appellate rules.


The process for simply requesting a copy of the recorded record of a hearing may be found at Requesting a Copy of your Hearing.


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