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Hall of Justice overlooking the Cowlitz River looking West from Kelso - Photo by Cody White
Kalama Courthouse - 1876-1923 - www.courthousehistory.com
Kelso Courthouse - built 1923 - www.courthousehistory.com
Kelso Courthouse - 1939 Addition - www.courthousehistory.com

Our Mission

To uphold the constitution and laws of Washington and the United States;
To provide an impartial, safe, and accessible forum
for the fair, open, and expeditious resolution of legal matters; and
To provide expanded and responsive services
to better meet the needs of court users and the community.


The Superior Court is a state trial court of general jurisdiction. We are located in Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington State.
This court has state-wide jurisdiction and hears:
Serious criminal matters (felonies)
Civil cases including cases involving real property
Domestic relations (family law) matters
Appeals from lower courts (District and Municipal Courts)
Appeals from state administrative agencies
Superior Court also has jurisdiction in adoption, probate and competency cases. 
Juvenile Court is a department of Superior Court and hears juvenile offender matters, truancy, at risk youth (BECCA) and child dependency cases. Juvenile Court also operates juvenile detention facility.
There are four full-time elected Judges who hear all matters and numerous Superior Court Commissioners who hears family law, dependency, domestic violence, various civil and juvenile cases.
The Superior Court is part of the

Washington State Courts 


Our goal is to make this site as informative, interesting and educational as possible. It is a work in progress with content being added and updated regularly. You will find links to our local rules and policies, as well as forms specific to our courts. We will also be providing some of the history of our court and our county.

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